Anonymous asked:
whats your favorite drawing tool?

Hi! Currently my favorite drawing tool is the 6.0mm blue pilot parallel pen bc it’s super versatile. It does thin line if you hold it at an angle and thick lines if you hold it flat so you can cover large areas, also bc the nib is somewhat like a rake, you can get cool textures when it’s slightly drier.

The only problem I have with the parallel pens is the ink, which looks fantastic btw, but isn’t waterproof at all and will bleed everywhere if you’re not careful.

Of course I still use my staple grey and tan rapidographs (0 and 3x0) for fineline deadline stuff. I also love Posca paint markers. They are the crayola of Japan and have opaque ink that doesn’t bleed and dries thick and solid on pretty much every medium.

In my ideal world… I’d be able to use pilot parallel pens with real waterproof ink or solid Posca paint marker ink.

Inktober 18 & 19 cuz I had very spotty Internet

Inktober 17 wasn’t loading bc my bad interwebs but here it is!

Inktober 16 also just bw blobs!

All black and white parallel pen drawings for today

Inktober 14 is just a bunch of rough assed doodles. Btw I saw THE GUNDAM Lmao….

Inktober 13 with city kitties

#Inktober 12 from the land of the rising sun.

#Inktober 12 from the land of the rising sun.

I’m in Tokyo here are some kinda bad draws.

Don’t have time for anything but these

Maybe I should make a book called “Stevie Wilson eats food” from all the times swinku and I get fat together…

Also derlaine and I went to see magic flute and I have weird bird men on my mind.

#Inktober meets #trimaginator

Inktober? More like cocktober…