lol it's chutrains!
so obsessed with pingpong i even draw it in my drawings
ping pong ping pong ping pong
the only thing i like about this page is wenge's head
peco peco peco peco peco
yo if you guys aren't watching ping pong you are missing out
masaaki yuasa and matsumoto taiyo man
best team ever holy shit

drawings for today are a little late.

I’m kind of a fan girl for ping pong and filled up pages upon pages in my $1 newsprint book lmao. sorry for cross-posting this for all of you who’ve already seen some of these.

i have no idea what i was trying to do with the pastel and ink wash here... the side hands are ok, but the front 2 are pretty gross

trying to draw things at night hello drawings for today!

Yes I actually do only have one functional eye
my left eye is normally myopic and slightly astigmatic

but my right eye sees nothing but strange colors and shapes
sometimes if i only look from my right eye
i feel like i'm in some hallucinogenic haze and that is one of the reasons why i color the way i do... to share a little of what i see from my unseeing eye

I drew stuff while shopping at whole foods today!

when the drawing is weak, throw some colors everywhere
or you end up feelin' blueeee
this restaurant down by south street seaport was pretty shitty....
i had no idea wtf i was doing
a fat lady and her mom
this was such a bad drawing, so i cheated it with crazy colors
good night!

ay yo i got some drawings for today yeaaaaahh

she reminds me of someone? or nobody in particular?
i started my day with cocktails at brunch
shopping at top shop with the volume way up was so loud
shopping in soho while under the influence is pretty wild. you see all sorts of weird shit
had to detox at housing works

drawings for the day! was supposed to goto some party but ended up detoxing lmao.

not of verona
i get super motion sick when i draw on the train
i swear to god my friends and i are not alcoholics

drawings for the day are late bc i’m not an alcoholic.

congrats rosewong & friends on the show! great seeing you guys today!

thinking of marquez and trying to get better at drawing
i dunno i dunno i dunno

Drawings for the day.

i think my heart broke a little today
i feel like i grew up with you, as a reader, and as a person. (into just the right type of asshole ;))

Rest In Peace Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I guess I’m a bit bummed out.

The themes of love and lust, family dynamics, life and death are all pretty common, but Marquez had a fluency and wit that you don’t really see these days.

In some ways, I feel like I grew up with him. While other kids jerked off to various types of pornography and slept around a lot, I learned about sexuality from Florentino and his string of trysts. When other kids were experimenting with mind altering drugs, my mind was pretty altered by the magical, fucked up, yet totally real worlds and words of Marquez.

I wish I were more articulate. Thank you for everything you have given us. You will be deeply missed.

not sure how i feel about these colors but whatever

because i was mostly unhappy with the previous experiments from today… i drew a few other things.

no photochop
they're a little all over the place
weak weak weak weak
i don't know what the hell this crap is
i am terrible with pencils
junky headshot character designs

i wanted to try something different with today’s drawings. need to get more practice in with the brush…

+ when i practice, i draw a lot of garbage that i usually throw out… 

i give myself a lot of dumb pep talks bc was busy all day... didn't have much time to draw, so ended up drawing feet and my own hands a lot colored version
and my legs as well hahaha
just the scan
and just the scan of that first one

drawings for the day are a little late cuz OMG THEY GOT SCANNED WUT

so while shopping for props for a shoot, i thought i might as well draw some stuff down in soho
people are so nicely dressed and it was such a pretty day
when i got home, i figured might as well draw by zuccotti park as well

drawings for the day. i really need to just bite the bullet and install my scanner drivers. these photos are really shitty quality lol…

self portrait speed paint of the day.

self portrait speed paint of the day.

drawings for the day

i should scan these and properly recolor them
but i am too lazy and maybe a little too inebriated
number of cocktails: 4, number of beers: 3, glasses of wine: 1 and counting lmao

lazy photos and shopin’